New Jersey 2019 Edison Patent Award

In Fall of 2019, my colleagues and I had the honor to win the New Jersey Edison Patent Award for our work on modeling a human heart.

While modeling a heart on a computer sounds complicated, we started simply. First, we used images to model the geometry and anatomy of the heart. We then used patient data on top of data gathered from imaging, such as ultrasounds, electrocardiograms, and magnetic resonance imaging. The result is a realistic computer model of a human heart.

As detailed in the video, our model behaves as close as possible to a real human heart. This allows us to perform virtual therapies to figure out what types of interventions would work best on a real human heart. We could test different settings, different electrode placements, and other simulated interventions to understand how the heart behaves under these different conditions.

We are honored to have been chosen for the Edison Patent Award. A big congratulations to the entire team!